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Version: 0.1.0

Contributions Guide

At this time we are currently accepting the current forms of contributions:

  • Bug reports.
  • Pull requests for bug fixes.

We are not accepting these forms of contributions:

  • New Features.

Bug Reports

If you encounter a bug, please make sure to include a descriptive title and a clear description of the issue in your report. It is also helpful to provide any relevant information and code samples that can help the maintainers replicate the bug and develop a fix as easily as possible.



To install a development environment, you can refer to the manual installation guide found here.

Pull requests

Before create a pull requests, please make sure you have the following guidelines:

  • In case you are fixing a bug from the GitHub issue tracker, the name of the branch have to be BUG-<issue number>.

  • Pull requests should include the name of the branch in the title if they are bug fixes from the GitHub issue tracker, as well as the title of the issue. It is also recommended to include the issue number in the description, like this: Closes #<issue number>. This way, contributors can quickly identify the issue.

  • Be sure to include tests to verify that the issue has been resolved.

  • It is important to run phpunit and php-cs-fixer before making any changes, in order to ensure that they do not break the project.

Support Questions

GitHub issue trackers are not intended to provide help or support for now.