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Version: 1.2.0

SSL Certificate

MoonGuard is also capable of checking the status of SSL certificates for your sites. This feature will notify you if a certificate is about to expire, is invalid, or does not exist.

To check the SSL certificate for your site, navigate to the site's edit page or create page and enable the SSL certificate check button.


Heads Up

Please ensure that your site is not in maintenance mode, as this will prevent the execution of the SSL Certificate check.

The SSL certificate status can be viewed in your dashboard.


Other behaviors of the SSL certificate can be modified in the configuration file.

'ssl_certificate_check' => [
* Enable or disable ssl certificate checks globally.
'enabled' => true,

* The ssl certificate check model to use.
'model' => \Taecontrol\MoonGuard\Models\SslCertificateCheck::class,

* The number of days before a certificate expires to send a notification.
'notify_expiring_soon_if_certificate_expires_within_days' => 7,
Heads Up

If you have a site in maintenance mode and had previously done an ssl-certificate check without this mode, the status card will show that previous check.