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Version: 1.2.3


MoonGuard ships with some notifications for multiple use cases and scenarios, the following notifications are available:

  • Request Took Longer Than Maximum Duration.
  • SSL Certificate Check Failed.
  • SSL Certificate Expires Soon.
  • Uptime Check Failed.
  • Uptime Check Recovered.
  • New Exception Log Group.
  • Server Metric alert.

MoonGuard use an email channel to send notifications by default. You can also add a slack channel in the notification This can be modified by your own preference in the configuration file:

'notifications' => [
* The notification channels that are used by default.
'channels' => ['mail'], <- //add slack (optional)

'slack' => [
* The Slack webhook url setup.
'webhook_url' => env('SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL'),

Notifications in MoonGuard where designed to be send in queues but they can also be send using a sync driver.

Queue setup

To send notifications in queues, you can set up a queue driver (we recommend Redis).

In your .env file you must add the following variables here an example:

Heads Up

Notice: You can use phpredis or predis as a client in REDIS_CLIENT.