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Version: 1.2.3

Slack Setup

MoonGuard uses laravel/slack-notification-channel  as a dependency to build Slack notifications, in case you want to send MoonGuard notifications to Slack you need a Slack Weebhook URL.

To obtain the webhook, you can create a Slack App on the Slack API site. This is a simple process that involves creating an app for your workspace:

  1. Create an App from scratch. In the “Create New App” buttom press create app “From scratch”

Create an App from scratch

  1. Activate an incoming Webhook.

Add an incoming Webhook

  1. Add a new incoming Webhook.

Add an incoming Webhook

  1. Decide which channel to post notifications.

!Decide which channel to post notifications

Once you have obtained the webhook URL, you must update the .env file of your Laravel project with the SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL variable.


Finally activate the Slack channel in the MoonGuard config file.

'notifications' => [
* The notification channels that are used by default.
'channels' => ['mail'], <- //add slack (optional)

'slack' => [
* The Slack webhook url setup.
'webhook_url' => env('SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL'),

If you're using a custom user model, it must implement the routeNotificationForSlack():string method.